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4. Going for Goldsworthy


One can find amazing beauty in nature. The range of colors, shapes, sizes, textures and patterns extends far beyond our imagination. One can use nature's palette to create new art. One such inspirational artist is Andy Goldsworthy. He is globally famous for his ephemeral creations made from found objects. For most of his work, the only artifact that remains is the photograph that captures that brief moment in time.

To complete this project, make your own sculpture out of found objects. Please do not use living organisms i.e., don't pick the flowers. You can do an image search on Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration. Below are a few examples of amateur art inspired by Goldsworthy. If you are willing, please email a photograph of your creation to with the subject line "Going for Goldsworthy". Please include your first name and we will share your image on social media. 

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